Well hello there beautifuls! 

Well well! Long time no post!  Happy new year and Valentine’s Day and what else have I missed??  Holy moly I have been gone for forever I am so very sorry :(. I am a terrible blogger I know.  Ugh.  Life is crazy sometimes.  With school and my buddy baby boos and work and my wonderful boyfriend sometimes I just don’t know what to do with myself!  However I will try to blog more this year as I have (finally) downloaded the app to my tablet!  Yay!  Gotta love technology!  

2016 is going to be a big year for the world.  I would like to belatedly remember the individuals who were so callously slain in the 2015 Paris attacks as well as their families that were left devastated in the wake of this horrible occurrence..  My thoughts and prayers are with you as you recover from this awful act of terror.  

The world can be such a scary place, but we have to remember all the beautiful things that still happen every day.  Children being born, lives being saved, increasing knowledge in the medical field enabling hundreds of individuals to survive; people who wouldn’t have had a chance, even just 20 short years ago.  I think about this often as I sit on the front porch as I have many a Sunday afternoon.  Sipping my iced coffee and listening to the muffled shouts and laughter as the kids win whatever little game they are playing at.  Listening to the birds chirping happily in the light drizzle.  The breeze softly rustling the leaves that are chaotically strewn across the front yard, as we have yet to rake.  The beautiful crazy happiness that is ours..  We have all had struggles in this life and the most recent one won’t be our last.  However, there is still beauty in this world.  There is still hope for a more loving future.  There is still kindness and compassion in the hearts of the people.  My kids show me this every single day.  I am so inspired by children.  They are so unconditionally loving, even amidst the worst situations.  So hopeful.  So kind.  My resolution for this year is to be more like them.  To love and accept more freely.  To be kind and forgive the worst offenses.  To be open minded.  To be open hearted.  

As adults, it can be difficult to see past the hatred and animosity in this world.  It can seem almost impossible to overcome the negative.  To unhardnen our hearts..  The little things keep adding up and adding up until we can’t take it anymore and we just explode. .  The little things become big things.  Oh my goodness I am rambling again!  

Long rambly story short, I am officially going to try my hardest to be kind.  And to have faith like a child.. So that I can be free of this anger and frustration in my heart towards those who have done wrong.  Even now as I type, I verge on tears just thinking about all of the broken souls in this world..  That is all that hateful people are.. Lost and terribly broken spirits..  

I challenge you to a random act of kindness to a stranger..  And if you can stomach it, a random act of kindness to someone who has wronged you.  Wether it is an estranged family member, an ex-friend, or a coworker who has wronged you.  Do something nice for them.  You don’t have to take them to dinner or go to the mall with them..  Maybe just buy them a coffee, or a candy bar.  Say something kind to them.  Ask how they are doing and genuinely care about the answer.  I have tried this.. And I have done this a lot lately..  Not only will this surprise them and possibly change their day or even the current course of their lives! But it will free your heart.  Do it as equally for them as you are doing it for yourself.  Hate only fosters more hate.. And if we can learn to overcome this everyday evil, that in and of itself, no matter how small an act it seems, is the first step to changing the course of the world we live in.  If you can’t find a nice person, be one! And ” in a gentle way, you can shake the world.” -Ghandi 
Have an absolutely gorgeous day, you beautiful souls ❤  

 Lyla says she loves you ❤


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