apologies for the delay..

I have been terribly busy and crazy lately and just haven’t had the time to follow up with my posts!!  But I was going through my old posts and realized i use the word “so”  WAYYY too frequently.  somehow since you have breaks in typing vs speaking you forget to type the way you talk!  Or sometimes make the mistake of doing just that. I use “like” and “so” so frequently that its ridiculous and i am going to be working on that!  Please help me!! Haha 🙂

Paris bedroom!  I couldn’t decide on just how Id want it!  There are so many things to consider and i just want it to be perfect!  Anyway!  Here it is ❤

home <3
I haven’t figured out how to place rugs in a collage though so if you have any pointers please feel free to share 😉  I hope you all enjoyed this post!!  Please drop by anytime and feel free to comment and share :))
What are your plans for Thanksgiving? :)) ❤
Love you all and thank you so much!!

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