Where would you go?

If you could live anywhere in the world and have all of your family and friends and pets with you and live an awesome dream life where would you live and what style home would you have?  Old? New? Minimal? Traditional?  I wanna know<3  Id live anywhere.  Paris.  London.  Rome.  L.A.  New York City.  Ive never had a desire to live in Hawaii.  But my boyfriend would love to ;P  haha 🙂

So first my dream home in paris;

home &lt;3
So These are a few things id have in the living room of my french home ❤  So this week I will be focusing on the rooms of my french home and next week I will do my second dream home location.
So stay tuned ❤
Thank you all for inspiring me and hopefully will figure out the logistics of a blog soon!  ❤
Thank you all!  Have a fabulous day ❤

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  1. yvonne says:

    I think if i could live anywhere i wouldnt be able to choose id probably stay in texas but travel everywhere….maybe get an RV and stay in different places!


    1. Road trippin across America! Whee!! :))


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