Today is just a wonderful kind of day..

Hello loves ❤

So Today we have been told we are expecting a spot of rain tomorrow and wednesday.  I am soo excited ❤

It is finally fall.   cool and damp and brisk.  the chilly air hitting your cheeks and the smell, yes, the smell! of changing leaves.  I remember being a kid in this kind of weather.  I was raised in the country.  Where i could rake up all the leaves and jump from hay bale to hay bale to my little heart’s content.  I would run and run and run just to make the cold air feel colder on my face.  just to curl up in my leaves, close my eyes, and smell the fall in my long brown hair.  Looking up at the icy grey skies through the open patches in the roof of my leafy little fortress.  just to fall to pieces in the rotting summer splendor.

Fall means hot coffee.  bulky scarves.  boots.  chunky thick sweaters.  And golden brown sleep everywhere you turn.everything is turning out the lights and finally saying goodnight after a long Texas summer..

So now for the parts you actually want to hear!  Now I am finished with my nostalgic musing.

Cranberry lips.  smoky bronze eyes.  Clear pale porcelain skin.  undone, wavy, windswept hair.


Untitled #53
So I think I will do a makeup tutorial for you guys with some ideas for my fall makeup favorites ❤  I love you all!  Happy fall and happy days ❤  May the beauty within you make you glow bright as the sun, and all the best for you always<3
Skyee ❤

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