long long time no talk!

So I have been crazy busy with work and family and boyfriend lately and have unfortunately neglected all of you lovelies! I do apologize and hope you will forgive me ❤

Oh my goodness I am so excited for halloween!!  Its so fun to dress up and be the one thing you’ve been wanting to be all year long!!  One problem though..  I HAVE NO CLUE what I am going to be !!  😮  Soo I am going to post some ideas of halloween costumes and I would looveee if you guys could give me some suggestions?  🙂

Untitled #49
this is the vampire look!
I hate costumes that look too… costume-y.. you know?  Anyway!  I will try to post more exciting halloween costume ideas in time to decide what you wanna be 😉
I would also be willing to post makeup and hair tutorials if you guys are interested?  E-mail me or simply post a comment and tell me what you wanna see !!  Thank you all ❤
have a wonderfully spooky day and get hyped up for possibly one of the most exciting holidays of the year !! 😉
Love you and keep reading!  you inspire me ❤

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