Fleeting Youth..

Well I am officially a licensed cosmetologist in the state of Texas ❤


on to the next step.

You can expect a lot more photography posts from me now because I will be making more trips to san antonio and hopefully it will inspire me a little bit..

I can’t wait for fall..  The trees changing.  everything falling asleep.  warm bright rich colors everywhere. sweaters. hot coffee in the morning.  (starbucks already knows my name 😉  practically had it brewed before i even walked in today!<3)  Just everything about fall!  Not to mention my birthday in October :3

I will be 19.

It sounds so crazy.. but i feel so much older than I am.  Life experience will do that to a girl, you know.

Everything has changed so much.  I look at my boyfriend’s children and wonder how I ever went from that to who I am today.. They always talk about “when they’re grown” and I think “oh don’t wish it on yourself.. the simplicity and innocence won’t last forever..”

I see them taking their little naps on car rides and absolutely love to look at their sweet little faces.. how their eyelids flutter when they dream.. How their hair falls over into their faces and their seat belts prop their little heads up.  They are so pure and sweet and untainted by the world.  I pray they stay that way forever..

But I can’t say that my experiences havent don me some good.  I am tougher. stronger.  More independent than ever.

and ready to live.

So.  My thoughts on innocence and the sweet simplicity of young life.

Just felt kind of thoughtful today.. ❤

Untitled #46

Boohoo crop top

ASOS opaque tight
$13 – asos.com

Satchel handbag
$37 – fashionunion.com

Orange sunglasses

Slouchy beanie
$19 – generalpants.com.au

fall fashion ❤
Thanks for reading!  Follow me on Instagram (@all_the_pretty_little_things) for more fun fashion pics ❤
Thanks ;*
Until next time, enjoy your youth while it lasts..  Innocence is fleeting ❤

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